Thesis: Analysis of the aggregation of cost and value by activities, in an agroindustrial chain: case of beef cattle

The central thematic of this thesis consists on the evaluation of which are the activities, within the production chain of the farming sector, that intervene directly with the formation of the product value perceived for the customer. For such, it is based in theory on the method of Activity Based Costing (ABC), for the decomposition and analysis of the value chain of the product “meat”, as well as in the Marketing perspective, that is fundamental for the agreement and approach of the pertinent aspects to the final consumer. The methodology used was the case study, carried through the unfolding of a variety of techniques of data collection, applied both to academic and production specialists. A concentration on the increase in value in the activities located next to the end of the production process was observed. This variation is in agreement with the distribution of the profit, along the analyzed chain. It is perceived, then, that this specific farming sector evaluated in this study is not in equilibrium, regarding the efforts and investiments in the segment, with the demands and financial expectations of the market. In the consumer’s point of view, it is proven predominant the appreciation of activities that intervene only with the appearance of the product, in detriment of other on ones to the quality of it.

Author: Badejo, Marcelo Silveira

Advisor: Schmidt, Paulo

Level: Doctorate Degree

Published Study: