Bonito: ecology and socio economy of Katsuwonus Pelamis fishing in the Rio de Janeiro coast for stock assessment, sustainable management and use in school feeding

The project is a partnership between the institutions  FURG, UFRJ, UFRGS, UNICAMP, UFF and FIPERJ, funded by FUNBIO. It is divided in three steps: (i) Marine and Offshore Environments’ Ecological Characteristics, (ii) Identification and Analysis of Fish Populations, (iii) Social Economy of the Fishing Process.

NITEC works on the third step of the project (Social Economy of the Fishing Process) with the objective to evaluate the social, economical and environmental impacts of the productive chain of the striped tuna in comparison to the the productive chains of poultry and swine. In this step we’ll draw the productive chain, considering the  biological and nutritional, ecological, technical-operational, commercial and institutional-cultural dimensions.