Final Paper: Capabilities of innovation of companies of the brazilian microelectronic segment

The microelectronics has a key role in modern life, because enabled a spectacular growth of processing power, storage and miniaturization of chips that are embedded in many products from several sectors and this enable the increment of new features, consequently more added value. It is important to highlight that for each type of chip for specific application, the level of technological complexity involved in developing and manufacturing process is different, which is reflected in the steps complexity of the semiconductors chain. Considering the importance of microelectronics in the digital era, the Brazil has been articulating a series of actions and politics for the development of the local semiconductors industry to increase the production capacity and the innovation capabilities of firms to compete in the global market. Thus, this study sought to identify and analyze the innovation capabilities from Brazilian semiconductors firms to understand and describe the potential of this segment in the global scenario. The study was divided into two stages; the first was descriptive, which consisted of the documentary analysis of secondary data and the second stage was exploratory that was realized through interviews with four companies located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, representing each value chain stage. The results indicates that due low technological capability, the low investment capacity and the low productive capacity, the Brazil still need to develop their capabilities in a very complex and dynamic sector. However, the internalization of a semiconductors industry can leverage many opportunities in niche markets undeveloped that users companies could utilize chips to add value for their final products, for example, the “Internet of Things”.

Author: Camboim, Guilherme Freitas

Advisor: Zawislak, Paulo Antonio

Level: Undergraduate

Published Study: