This project, financed by CNPq, addresses the recent challenges of the Brazilian naval industry. Due to the economic growth and pre-salt exploration prospects, the technological and industrial investment in this sector has generated a unique opportunity for studies that aim to deepen the understanding of the process of training for innovation in Brazilian industry.

Since the beginning of the restructuring process of the Brazilian naval industry in the early 2000s, the demands directed at national companies are mainly focused on the development of product and process technologies, whether for the construction of various vessels and platforms, or to find technological solutions that do not yet exist, especially in the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas. In this scenario, a challenge arises: how to strategically plan and develop a chain of technological and innovation interfaces for the Brazilian naval pole?

In order to establish a greater coherence to the dynamics of the set of relations between scientific-technological, industrial-productive and innovation activities ie the chain of technological interfaces that opens a space for works that aim to map the alternatives for the development of the Brazilian naval industry taking advantage of the conjuncture provided by the challenges then in term.