Privacy Policy


1) About the policy

The copyright of this application, the mobile application privacy policy and the terms of use belong to the Núcleo de Estudos em Inovação (NITEC) of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). By using this application, you agree to the NITEC / UFRGS Mobile Application Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

2) Collecting information about you 

To use the features of this application, you must provide personal information as part of the registration. You will be asked to provide personal and professional information about the company for which you will complete the questionnaire. By providing your data, you authorize us to transfer and store this information on our servers. In return, we are committed to using the data for academic purposes, in accordance with NITEC principles of ethics, privacy and security.

3) Sharing your informations with us and with another users

By accepting this term, you agree that NITEC access your registration data. Your personal data will not be monitored by other users. Your answers about your company will be available consolidated with other data of participating companies, never seen by other companies in an individual way, preserving the identity of the companies. The detailed results of each company will only appear for it, so that the other respondent companies will only have access to the consolidated data of all the respondents (referring to the sector and the sample).

4) Information Sharing

This term allows NITEC to use your personal information for the following purposes: your email address will be used for communication and for sending newsletters, and you may be disengaged from the list at any time, if it is in your interest; The company data may be disclosed as consolidated surveys and statistics and no personal information or individual company data is disclosed. Your personal information can only be viewed by NITEC team members and third-party developers. The contract with the outsourced developers has a clause of secrecy, therefore, they are not authorized to use personal information for their own purposes without our explicit consent.

5) Cancelling the app

To cancel your registration in our application, you must go to the “Delete account” button. Once you’ve removed your business account, your completed data will no longer be viewable and will not be counted against your overall results. Your data will be stored in a database of accounts deleted for historical purposes, managed by NITEC / UFRGS.

6) Legal information and contact

This instrument will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Brazilian legislation, being elected the forum of the Comarca of Porto Alegre / RS, with express resignation of any other, to settle any question arising from this term. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: