Final Paper: Social-environmental responsibility in small service companies

Environmental issues are a priority in the modern business world. Organizations of all types, both public and private sector are seeking tools to manage the environmental impact of their activities. Thus, the research sought to know how Social-Environmental Responsibility is being worked on small-scale service companies, law firms and if there are economic benefits and other business gains with the adoption of best socio-environmental practices and with the adoption of Management Systems Environmental. Thus, it sought associations between a socio-environmentally responsible position and the improvement of the environmental quality of its services, improvement of the institutional image and new and better business opportunities. This case study was conducted at two law firms and, through questionnaires, email and telephone, the information and results were reached. According to the survey, it was observed that these organizations are already placing the environmental issue on their agenda. It is already included in the perspectives of strategic planning analysis of one organization and the other is about to insert it. As for the economic benefits and new business opportunities, the highlights are the savings generated by greater process efficiency and less waste of materials. In addition, with the adoption of a certification or a recognized Environmental Management System could still conquer new markets. Not to mention the gains that could be made by improving the institutional image and recognition as a company with an excellent reputation.

Author: Bossle, Marília Bonzanini

Advisor: Nascimento, Luis Felipe Machado do

Level: Undergraduate

Published Study: