Final Paper: The influence of management capacity on the innovative performance of companies

This study aims to investigate the influence of management capability on the innovative performance of the companies. To do so, it was used the database from the research project called “Paths of Innovation in the Brazilian Industry”, conducted by the Innovation Research Center (NITEC) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, where 1331 companies answered a quantitative questionnaire. According to the literature, management capability can be directed through two different management types: family and professional. To identify the characteristics of each one of them, a descriptive analysis was realized. To verify differences among their levels of capabilities and performance, the test t analysis was conducted. Finally, to understand the influence of management capability on the innovative performance of the companies, Pearson Correlation test was used. The results indicate that professional companies have a more developed set of capabilities, which turns out to bring them better performance than to the family companies. However, management capability is not the key factor. Presenting the appropriated level of organization and standardization to their processes, professional companies do not have their innovative performance influenced by interventions on its management activities. On the other hand, in the family companies, which present a lower level of capabilities development, improvements on their management activities promote positive alterations on their performances. Based on its results, the present research sheds light on actions that can improve the innovative performance of the companies.

Author: Pufal, Nathália Amarante

Advisor: Zawislak, Paulo Antonio

Level: Undergraduate

Published Study: